Free Course-Exercise Your Brain

If you ever needed another good reason to exercise, I’ve got one for you:Exercise makes your brain bigger.

Actually this isn’t entirely accurate. To be more specific, exercise was found to increase brain size slightly, but far more important to increase “spatial reasoning.”

This is the ability to recognize patterns, remember phrases, numbers, and so-on. This was discovered by researchers at the Universities of Chicago and Pittsburgh.

It is also one of the most important factors to the prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

My mom suffered with dementia the last ten years of her life. But unlike most dementia patients she was fully functional thanks to exercise. She drove and had a mind that was unbelievably sharp right up until an accident injured her beyond the ability to exercise.

After that, she mentally went downhill rapidly. Thankfully, she passed in peace… and she had ten wonderfully active years thanks to her willingness to take up weight training at the age of 71.

She eventually walked up to 3 miles per day and trained in the gym 3 days per week.

That kept her mind sharp, along with fish oil and N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, a wonderful brain nutrient.

Once again, we see the power of exercise. It increases the QUALITY of your life.

Quantity is no where near as important to me as quality.

The links at the bottom of this newsletter are to my books on exercise. Pick the one that appeals to you most and take action.

Your brain will thank you, as will the rest of your body.

One of the best ways to start exercising when you are over 40 is by using the routines covered in “Fit Over 40”.

This book profiles 53 different men and women, age 40 to 80, all sharing their workouts, nutrition plans, and mental empowerment techniques.

It is a MUST-HAVE for anyone wanting to begin exercising or improve their level of fitness after the age of 40.

For a freee fat-burning course from Fit Over 40, 

Click Below                                             Freee Fatburning Course

Rest Between Reps

Our fitness associate, Jon Benson, shared this letter with us.  

A lot of our readers ask us how long to rest between sets while exercising.

The answer is: It depends on your goals.

If you are training to increase strength, we recommend resting a bit longer – up to two minutes for exercises like squats and heavy dumbbell work. But if you want to burn the most amount of bodyfat and gain lean muscle, we recommend resting for very short periods of time.

“The Iron Guru” Vince Gironda used to recommend leaving your hands on the bar between sets — now THAT is short rest intervals!  He would frequently rest only 15-20 seconds between sets.

This is similar to the strategy I use in 7 Minute Muscle — very short rest intervals and very intense training. Smart, short, efficient. That’s the way to go.

A good place to start is simply reducing your rest intervals by 10 seconds. No matter what workout you’re using, decrease your rest by 10 seconds between sets. You may not be as strong on the last few sets (if you are training traditionally… if you use 7 Minute Muscle your rest is “built-in” and not an issue.) Over time you will work your way back up to the same amount of sets and reps but done in far less time.

This means more work output, which means more muscle if your nutrition is good.

This is the best way to train most of the time:  Limited rest, intense sets, and short workouts.

They are the ones that produce results.

Go here for more information —  <— Short, effective workouts

Getting Rid of Arm Flab

Our fitness associate,  Jon Benson, and I would like to  share this letter with you.

Got arm flab?

Know someone who does?

Some women I know with a healthy sense of humor refer to it as “their wings” because their arm flab flaps when they walk or jog.

It’s time to get rid of your wings ladies…

… and guys, listen up:  You are not immune to arm flab. Even if your don’t have any, the tips I’m about to give will help you build stronger arms.

Before I go any further, I have to tell you about Marty Web.

Marty looked like … well, your typical 59-year-old housewife. Actually she looked a bit worse.

She was a good 80 pounds over her ideal bodyweight. And she had her wings…

… big time wings. Loads of arm flab.

That was at age 59.

At age 61… wow. Different story.

Marty transformed her body to such a degree that even I could have never guessed she was an OUNCE overweight!

Her story and 52 others just like her, male and female, are in my first book — and my best-seller Fit Over 40.

I’d like you to read more about it here — <— cure for arm flab

Marty replaced her “wings” with toned, beautiful arms. And you can too.

She has two pages in Fit Over 40… too much to cover in an email… but here’s the basics to get you started:

1. You have to get your nutrition down pat. Most people think that the flab on their arms (or anywhere for that matter) can be solved by “turning it into muscle.”

This is not true folks. Fat does not turn into “anything”. It is used for energy. Period.

Muscle is muscle. Fat is fat.

You must use low-insulin nutrition like we recommend in all our books, including Fit Over 40, to lower your bodyfat. For ladies, the back-of-the-arm bodyfat is often the last bit to go.

But I promise — it will go. It can go for anyone. Marty Web and dozens of other ladies in Fit Over 40 prove that in living color… and they share how they did it.

Low-insulin nutrition means eating more protein-rich foods, foods that are not processed, and plenty of tasty veggies. But it does not mean you cannot have your pizza and burgers here and there. I do every week and my bodyfat is low.

2. You must train your triceps. The back of the arm is made of three muscles called the “triceps”. You have a long head, a medial head and a lateral head that form the triceps muscle group.

If you cannot access a gym, you can do plain-old pushups to work all three heads of the triceps. Here’s a few tips. First, if you cannot do a pushup with your legs straight, start by doing them on your knees. Work up to straight-legged pushups.

Second, do one third of your reps with your hands facing away from your body, one third with your hands facing toward your body (fingers pointing toward you) and the final third with your hands in the “normal” pushup position, facing the same direction as your body. This will work the various heads nicely.

If you have access to a gym, see the exercises for the triceps found in my book Fit Over 40:  <— say good-bye to arm flab

3. Finally, you have to have a role model. Find someone like Marty who has lost their wings and use their success to inspire you.

Put these three things together and you too will be “grounded” — wingless, but with a lovely pair of arms that never jiggle and look fantastic.

Celebrtiy Fat Loss Secret

If you are like most out there, you could only dream of having a body like that of your favorite movie star.
For the ladies, we only wish we could have the slim waist lines, a tight stomach, and perfect proportioned curves that the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, J-Lo, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry have.
For guys, nothing would be cooler than having the ripped abs of fat-free physiques that the likes of Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, and Mario Lopez have.
But how exactly do these celebs get their hot “bods”?  Are they some sort of freaks that have been blessed by the god of genetics?
It would be easy to say yes, but that wouldn’t be truthful.
So what do they do differently than the average person that gives them such great bodies?
It all comes down to INCENTIVES for them.
There are incentives in movies…
If you are not fit for your role, and do not have that “sex” appeal, you are not going to sell movies, plain and simple.  If you don’t sell movies, you don’t get paid…simple as that.
Do you think they work hard to get results?  Absolutely.  They do have dietitians and trainers to help them get there.  However, even though they have their diet and motivation people in their corner, they still have to “do it”.
What we want you to do today is think of an “incentive” that will help you work towards your weight loss goals.
If you are single, maybe your incentive is to look better (and attract a mate). 
If you are unhealthy, maybe your incentive is to improve that health (you only get one chance at life). 
If you are unemployed, maybe you want to get in shape for that next interview.  It will give you a new found confidence. 
If you are married, maybe you want to get in shape to spice up your love life or to work with your spouse to prove a positive example for your children.
Your health is important and everywhere you look in your lives there are “incentives” to improve your health, fitness and nutrition.
Weight loss comes down to 3 things.  Fitness, diet and incentive.  It is knowing how to combine these things in the right manner to succeed at weight loss.
These 3 important factors are the “core” of the Strip That Fat.
Anyone can shed pounds… it has been proven over and over again.   People that once thought they had a genetic disorder have lost hundreds of pounds on “The Biggest Loser,” and were amazed.  The reason they were able to do this…again is INCENTIVE.
Actors like Brad and Angelina lose weight when they get a part in a movie because they HAVE TO.
What if you HAD to lose weight?  Could you do it?
Let’s ‘envision” the NEW YOU for a second…
Picture yourself 10, 30, or even 100lbs lighter.  How would this make your feel? You would be surprised as to how much this can impact your self-esteem, your energy, and your lust for life!
Fortunately, we can help you get there.  We have helped many people like you already, and we would love to help you achieve all of your weight loss goals. 
Try our proven system with no risk.  If it doesn’t work, we will be more than happy to give you your cash back.  We are here to help you succeed and if we are not successful at this, we don’t deserve a dime for our work!

New Research: Fat Is Contagious?

My fitness associate, Jon Benson, and I did some cool research! 

It’s like a dream come true.

“Gaining bodyfat is the result  of a virus.”

Wouldn’t that be great news?


Let me tell you about the AD-36 adenovirus. Adenoviruses are the same nasty bugs that cause the common cold. We all have these viruses in various forms in our body all the time.

That last bit is a critical distinction.

Remember that.

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana has been doing some really ground-breaking research on AD-36. AD-36 affects stem cells… more specifically fat cells, both pre-formed and post-formed.

This means AD-36 can make MORE fat cells if contracted as an infant and make your fat cells larger if contracted as an adult.

Or so the theory goes.

To quote the study:

“Earlier researchers have concluded that Ad-36 may be contributors to obesity by super-charging fat cells to grow and store more fat. Until now, though, those researchers thought the viruses targeted pre-fat cells (called pre-adipocytes), causing them to convert in higher numbers to fat cells and causing those fat cells to be larger. Those studies were in mice. Pasaricas work determines the virus targets stem cells in humans.”

The result?

“In one test, a third of obese people had the rare and highly contagious virus compared to just 11 percent of thinner people. Weight gain can last three months until the body has built up resistance to the bug.”

Wow. Sounds like we have a winner here. A virus that you can catch that literally makes you gain bodyfat!  All we need is…

a vaccine!



First of all, notice that 11% of LEAN people have AD-36. And at any given time, just like a cold or a flu virus, you could contract AD-36. If your body has ‘never’ been exposed to it, you may require about 3 months to build up antibodies to ward it off.

Now, you can gain a lot of weight in 3 months… but come on. You cannot become obese in three months unless you are really, REALLY working at it.

Plus, like most viruses, you build up immunity to AD-36. Researchers do not know how long the immunity lasts, but some theorize it could last years… some even decades.

And let’s not forget those 11% who are lean and have the virus.

Why did they not all of a sudden get “sick” with bodyfat?

Because they are not EATING or LIVING in a way that allows them to gain bodyfat no matter what nasty freakin’ viruses may be floating about, that’s why.

That’s right folks:  It is always going to come down to the food we put in our body and the way we move.
Here’s another hypothesis presented by Sherry Strong, food philosopher and nutritionist:  “This could very well be the result of nature creating a mutation to encourage us to eat more due to the fact our consumption of natural, whole and organic foods is so low.”

Brilliant observation… and one tha makes complete sense.

Even if a “virus” is responsible for 20% of our weightgain, what about the other 80%?

We do not need a vaccine other than good food and a common sense workout plan.

Here’s the best —  <— the “vaccine” for bodyfat

Here’s why I love this workout:

1. It’s fast. 7-14 minutes 3-5 days per week. Anyone on earth can do this.

2. The Basic Upgrade (you will see it) still comes with a copy of my book “The Every Other Day Diet.” Put the two together and you have an absolute winner of a plan that’s practical and enjoyable.

3. Plus, anyone who owns “Every Other Day Diet” gets my upcoming “Radical Fatloss Blueprint” book freee. It comes out March 1st.

That’s 3 good reasons to go here and check out 7 Minute Muscle…  <— the “vaccine” for bodyfat

Here’s one more:

You know better.

You know that there’s never going to be a magic pill for health, vitality, energy and looking your best.

We can keep hoping… or you can take action and get what you want now.

To me, that makes more sense than AD-36 “Super-Retro Fat-burning Vaccine” to hit the marketplace in 2021.

Weight Training


Just a word of warning:

I will be using the term “bodybuilder” or “bodybuilding” to refer to anyone who wants to build lean muscle and burn bodyfat in this article.

That means you.

Yep… you are a “bodybuilder.” That does not mean you want to look like a monster on stage and pose in front of thousands of people wearing nothing but your undies.

That means you want more lean muscle and less bodyfat — that’s it.

With that in mind, here’s something you have to know:

Bodybuilders do not “lift weights” — we “train” with weights.

We use weights as a tool like a sculptor uses a hammer and chisel.

The object of the game is not to lift some heavy weight from Point A to Point B and back. That’s weight lifting. “Bodybuilding” is about making the muscle you want to change do all the work.

Here’s two ways to do it:

1. Lower the weight and focus:  Most people are just concerned with the lift itself. “Get this weight off of me!” seems to be the unconscious mantra. This will not get the job done. In fact you may end up looking bulky rather than sleek… or just not change at all. Instead, lower the weight slightly, slow the pace down (especially on the descent of the movement) and picture the muscle in your mind doing ALL of the work. Literally put your mind in the muscle. You will be amazed at how different the same exercise feels with this degree of concentration,.

2. Contract, hold, release:  At the top of any movement, contract the muscle hard. Hold that contraction for a second or two, then release it and lower the weight slowly. This will not only cause faster muscle growth (that is a good thing) but also demand that you use less weight to get the job done. This means your joints — shoulders, knees, elbows — will last a lifetime. At 45 my joints are in perfect health. Protect yours at all costs.

Just remember:  You are not just lifting weights when you train for muscle shape and “tone” — you are a sculptor. Treat your tools and your body with that degree of care.

I cover many more tips on how to build lean muscle and burn bodyfat faster in my book “7 Minute Muscle”.

Read more here:  <— more muscle in far less time

Lovelife Secrets Naturally

Our fitness associate, Jon Benson, shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you.

Today we need to chat about your hormones.

Yeah, I chat a lot about hormones. That’s because I have been to Hormone Hell and back. Twice.

I’ve lived to tell the tale.

It’s scary… and it’s one of those hidden illnesses that you might not even know you have.

I had it at 27. I did not affect my lovelife, but that was probably due to my youth. If I did not treat it then, I would have no lovelife or drive at ALL right now.

I treated it with drugs. That is all we had back then.

Today I use a combination of therapies, many of which are natural….

1. I train with weights to increase testosterone-levels naturally.

2. I train and do cardio before eating in the morning do increase gH levels naturally without drugs.

3. I cycle my calories to increase my thyroid levels naturally.

As you can see there are many ways to increase your hormone levels naturally.

But it’s not all exercise and nutrition. Now we have several “botanical” supplements:  Herbs and other natural helpers to help the fight.

I wish I would have known about Dr. Lucille when I was 27.

She’s the expert in that field. Herbs, nutrition for hormone help, and how to protect your body IF you have to take drugs to help the problem like I do.

I listen to her. So should you.

Here’s her site:  <— natural energy help

The best thing about having your hormones optimized is energy.

Yes, you will burn more bodyfat.

Yes, you will increase your lovelife and your desire to have intimacy.

Yes, you will increase your resistance to disease and common illnesses.

But I think MORE ENERGY is the best.

I have the energy to do anything I want at just about any time I want.

Here’s an example:

Today I had to go to the funeral of a dear friend. She passed away after struggling with a lifetime of various illnesses, many of which were made worse by lifestyle choices. Some she had no control over.

We all loved her dearly.

We drove until 1:00AM this morning. I got up early for the funeral but not early enough to eat breakfast.

I had a large lunch afterwards and then we headed back — another 3 hour boring drive in traffic.

Even with all of this emotional stress, my body only needed a 2-hour nap to pop right back into high gear. I could literally go and workout now at almost 11:00pm if I had to.

I’m glad I don’t because I have a night of packing ahead of me for a business trip!

Still, the point is simple:

Hormone Health = Greater Energy

Most people do not exercise because… get this….

They do not FEEL like it.

I don’t mean “feel like it” as in they would rather do something else, although that is the case sometimes.

I mean “feel like it” in the sense that they have NO energy to do it.

They are tired, run-down after a 9 to 5 day, and feel zonked.

You too?

If so, you need this info…  <— natural energy help

Remember:  More energy, more lovelife. More workouts that burn fat. More done in the day.

More living… in the best way possible.

Spice It Up

Burn More Bodfyat With Spices

———————————————————————- |

My fitness associate,  Jon Benson,  shared this letter with me and would like to to share it with you.

It’s the spice of life.

Food that is. Or opinions. I guess there is a lot of things that are officially “the spice of life.”

I think spices are the spice of life.

I have a new-found love of spices since hanging around a killer healthy-food chef for the past week.

Wow oh wow… I had no idea.

And hey — I’m helping her put her recipes into to a book that will be out soon.

I’ll send you all a video of this woman doing her thing too in a week or so… prepare to be blown away.

Back to spices:

Not only can spices save an otherwise boring healthy meal…. turns to find out spices can help you burn more bodyfat.

The January 2006 issue of The Journal of Physiology and Behavior cited numerous studies on several spices that increased thermogenesis in the body.

Thermogenesis is simply heat — and since a calorie is a unit of heat, guess what?

More thermogenesis = more calories burned


Less bodyfat.

Pretty cool stuff this thermogenesis.

In fact thermogenesis is the foundation of my upcoming handbook “The Radical Fatloss Blueprint.” Out in late February.

I’m giving this book away for freee for 21 days to anyone who owns a copy of “The Every Other Day Diet.”

The book comes out in late February… and it is… well, radical.

Up to 21 pounds in 21 days.

But you can only do it for 21 days. Fair deal, right?

If you want the book for freee, make sure you have “Every Other Day Diet” so I can send it to you the last week of February.

Get EODD here —  <— more thermogenesis, less bodyfat

For now, here’s the spices that work the best to help you burn bodyfat:

1. Capsaicin, the compound gives red chili pepper its heat, increased energy via heat expenditure by up to 23% after ingesting it at breakfast.

2. Black Pepper increases body heat (thermogenesis) by bonding to TRPV1 receptors in the brain.

3. Turmeric has both anti-cancer and pro-thermogenic support. Best of two worlds if you ask me.

Combine these three spices:  Red chili pepper, black pepper and turmeric, and use them liberally (as you can handle them) on your lunch and dinner meals.

Just be careful not to overdo the spices, otherwise you’ll end up with more heartburn than fatburn.

I’ll be including FAR more powerful ways to burn bodyfat radically in “The Radical Fatloss Blueprint” — and you can get your copy free the last week of February if you own Every Other Day Diet.

Get it here —  <— more thermogenesis, less bodyfat

3 Simple Questions

3 quick questions:

1. Are you a guy or do you know one close to you over the age of 35?

2. Have you or he looked at your/his bare chest lately?

3. If so… did you see them?…The dreaded….


Obviously if you are female this is not an issue. But for us men, “gynaecomastia”, often jokingly referred to as manboobs (we can thank “Seinfeld” for that) is anything but funny.

From this point on, I’ll refer to it as “MB” if that’s okay by you.

MB is not an age thing. It can occur at almost any time in life. However, for those of us over 35, it is more common.

This is just one of the many symptoms of “andropause”, or “male menopause.”

When you age your testosterone levels decline…and more than that the testosterone gets “weaker” due to an imbalance between it and estrogen.

When you combine that with our modernized “estrogen-rich” environment that Dr. Holly Lucille frequently lectures on, you have a problem.

A big MB problem.

MB is associated with lack of drive (you know what I’m talking about guys) and excess bellyfat due to the estrogen.

Even more serious:  Excess estrogen has been positively linked to prostate cancer.

Yep. MBs are not so funny after all.

Check out Dr. Lucille’s NaturaPause Audios. There is an entire audio dedicated to male menopause and natural solutions that really work.

Most do not work worth a darn.

Hers does.  <— no more MBs!

Goin Natural-Free Sample

Life is all about balance.

At least I think so.

So does hormone expert Dr. Holly Lucille.

Holly’s idea of balance goes beyond day-planners and schedules. She talks about “internal” balance: Balance between your  natural hormones to help create energy,  lower bodyfat, and jacking up your

Good stuff.

I wanted to give you this today. It’s an  excerpt from Dr. Lucille’s fantastic book,  “Creating and Maintaing Balance.”

Pick it up here freee: <— 26 pages of Holly’s book


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